Fluhtr™ C-Brella

Fluhtr™ C-Brella

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Never Get Wet Again! Traps Water On The Inside

Everything you know about a typical umbrella has been literally turned upside down! The Up-Brella is a new, unique and innovative umbrella that opens upside down. Forget fighting to open your umbrella in thunderstorms or gusty winds, the Up-Brella easily slices through strong winds with its aerodynamic design.

Push the one click button to easily open Up-rella for protection from the elements. When you're out of the rain, press it again and watch the Up-Brella automatically close while leaving the dry side conveniently facing outwards. With Up-Brella, the wet surface remains on the inside to avoid messy splashes and drips. Instead, the water simply runs off while staying enclosed within the folds of the canopy.

The Up-Brella's design allows it to be conveniently and comfortably opened in any wind, making it exceptionally pleasant to use over traditional umbrellas. Best of all it won't break or fold over when you need it most.


  • Easily slices through winds to comfortably open
  • Design with reversed operation
  • C-shaped handle that can be hung on the wrist for convenience to free up both hands
  • Canopy folds inward to eliminate splashing
  • Water stays enclosed on the inside so you stay dry
  • Trapped water easily drains out
  • No more broken/folded over umbrella
  • All new stylish black exterior with floral interior
  • Slotware: carbon fiber
  • Cloth: impact resistant cloth
  • Handle: rubber
  • Care instructions: wipe clean
  • Product dimensions: 50”x32”

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